Vaccination of Dogs

Vaccine Brands and Your Dog

Vaccination against common causes of diseases is one of the primary ways that we protect our pets from serious illness.   The vaccines that we give to our animals act by mimicking the appearance of these infectious agents, allowing the body's immune system to learn what to look out for and to prepare defenses against the real threat if it is encountered.  However, the methods that vaccines are created differ between laboratories and vary even further depending on the specific strain of the disease that is being mimicked.  Therefore, in order to ensure that your pet is receiving the full benefit of its vaccinations, it is important that he or she be given a complete course of a single vaccine brand.

At Hunt's Veterinary Clinics we use vaccines developed by Virbac this is compatible with the market leader at the time of writing.  These vaccines are widely used as a means of disease prevention.  If your pet has been receiving vaccines by Virbac in the past, we will be able to give your pet a once annual booster as normal.  If your pet has instead been receiving a different brand of vaccine before visiting us, we may need to restart the course of vaccination using the Virbac brand.  This entails a primary vaccination, followed by a secondary vaccination two weeks later.  This 'double dose' is necessary to ensure that your animal's immune system generates an adequate initial response that will be able to last until the annual booster.

Be sure to have your pet's previous vaccination history if you are planning to visit us for your next booster.  This way we will be able to determine the appropriate course of vaccination your pet needs to ensure that he or she is being protected properly.  If you have any further questions regarding vaccines and your pet, feel free to contact us so that we may discuss this with you. 

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